celebrate a 50-year anniversary for his father

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In March 2009, David Brabham helped celebrate a 50-year anniversary for his father. Sebring International Raceway in Florida was the venue where Brabham wrapped up his first Formula 1 championship on Dec. 12, 1959, pushing his Cooper-Climax T51 across the finish line for a fourth-place finish. "I was leading the race right up to the last 500 yards and the car ran out of petrol," Brabham said in an interview with The Associated Press at his home in 2009. "I coasted to about 50 yards away and I pushed the car over the line. If I would have received any assistance I would have been disqualified. I managed to finish fourth, which was enough to win the championship." Brabham was not well enough to make the Sebring trip in 2009, so David re-enacted his father's famous finish. Jack Brabham's career accomplishments were lengthy. In addition to his three world titles and 126 races from 1955 to 1970, he won the constructors' championship in 1966 and 1967. He had 14 Grand Prix wins and 31 podium finishes. Australian Grand Prix chairman Ron Walker said Brabham would be "remembered as one of motorsport's most influential figures" adding that his feat of winning the world championship in a car bearing his own name was unlikely to ever be replicated. "The contributions that Sir Jack made to the sport will never be forgotten and his legacy will continue to resonate among drivers and fans," Walker said. Born on April 2, 1926, in the southern Sydney suburb of Hurstville, John Arthur Brabham grew up driving and maintaining his father's fruit and vegetable delivery vehicles. After a brief career in engineering, he joined the Australian Air Force as a flight mechanic and later set up his own engineering works in Sydney and became a pilot. He won four Australian championships between 1948 and 1951. In 1955, Brabham moved to England and teamed up with John and Charles Cooper to make his Grand Prix debut at Aintree, England �椤����replica of the trophy��u�������B�������z���ڼ������Ľ������������؝���f�������ڳ���Gaza artists' difficultiesһ�~���_�I�������ҽ�����Τ��������h����һ.

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